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    Research and Planning

    Dedicated open source community where projects, data, and computing power can be distributed.

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    Community-Based Grants

    Harness the collective intellect and desire to promote public health, and solicit funding and ideas

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    dApp's Automate Workflows

    Develop decentralized apps on the blockchain to make funding and project workflows streamlined

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    Protecting your information

    In a decentralized ledger, no single person owns the data. Data is fragmented across the network, making piecing it together impossible as no one node possesses all the data. In addition, the use of a private wallet address safeguards your important identifiers (e.g. social security #’s).

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    The blockchain acts as a decentralized “cloud”. Data on the network is encrypted, fragmented, and verified among all users. If wallet information is lost, it is still possible for your data to be returned to you if a medical provider was granted access and your private and secret keys are known. In a similar vein your project data will always be retrievable.

  • Unique Technology

    Ethereum is one of many blockchain technologies, each with different underlying use cases. We are open to exploring newer, more efficient, more secure/private token systems as the crypto space evolves.

  • Free Updates & Support

    As an open-source wallet embedded with a robust academic, clinical, and research based systems the foundation provides direct support and is boosted by a community of like-minded individuals.

  • Lightning Fast

    The ability to scale is dependent on user loads. As every wallet on the network helps “confirm” transactions. As the user base grows so does the speed.

  • Additional Safeguards

    Adding TOTP from a phone app and other physical safeguards (e.g. a pin-encoded smart card) ensures that unless someone has all the pieces, no access is granted. Biometrics can also be added for additional security. As the original data owner, only you can authorize what elements, if any, can be released to others through smart contracts.

  • Bridge Projects

    Two blockchain projects can exist side by side and still coordinate without merging. Activity on one chain (e.g. a decentralized computing project) can easily be incentivized on the other.

  • Completely Customizable

    The wallet provides a standard interface with editable elements. And features that are always improved.

  • Mobile/Browser Compatibility

    Mobile wallets provide ease of use for wallet users (e.g. medical care providers putting in prescription orders on the wards). If a wired network goes down, your activities can be continued on mobile wallets that continue to sync with the network. Once your network returns your wallets will re-sync all data.

  • Direct Support/Messaging

    All features of the system were designed by and supported by the users who make them. Direct messaging in the wallet system enables users to get support from and transact specifically with other users. This saves users from fraudulent communications. Encrypted and unencrypted communications can both be logged to the blockchain.

  • Token Rewards

    Your projects can be incentivized by system tokens which can be traded against other tokens in the economy (or eventually back to fiat).

  • Achievements Recorded on the Ledger

    Recognizing success among your colleagues, and be recognized by those you help. The ledger records all activities, ensuring authenticity of accomplishments and making authorships/citations simple.

  • Environmentally Friendly Protocols

    Numerous blockchain protocols exist. Including proof-of-work (using computing power to “hash” or mine for coins) and proof-of-stake (disseminating rewards to nodes on a network for maintaining up-time). Electricity costs can be saved by avoiding proof-of-work as is. We plan to use a novel idea, Proof-of-Health (rewarding users for health data, being civically engaged, and more). Mixing with traditional protocols will create incentives.

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    Health Focused

    Health can be incentivized many ways, and by creating a healthier community we can record outcomes for research purposes. Healthier users utilize healthcare less, providing sustainability and health equity for large populations in the long-term.

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    Be innovative

    The entire “crypto” space is a little over 10 years old, and it is beginning to enter the mainstream. Be a part of the community that is near the ground floor of a new technology.

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    Mobile Ready

    Blockchain tech in the smart phone era has limitless potential

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    Share Goals

    The public ledger ensures accountability. Learning activities can be integrated into the blockchain, simplifying academic activities and certifications.

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    Limitless Potential

    A public ledger with encrypted data ensures accountability for data, but the nascent technology has many use cases that have yet to be discovered.

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    Integrate Industries

    The token economy has the potential to create a unified supply chain, with project inventories and smart contracts you can automate purchasing and reduce administrative overhead

Be sure to read our whitepaper for more use cases that may be pertinent to your project needs. And be sure to join our social media or Slack channel to help contribute.