Everyday Devices Help Keep Us Accountable

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3, and more!
  1. Go to work, or go to the gym
  2. Movement and activity keeps our hearts pumping and our minds healthy
  3. Share your device’s steps, speed, sleep, or other health data, and get rewarded every block!
Let’s work together to turn proof of work into proof of health. Be the star and compete with others to be the healthiest members on the blockchain.

Become Part of a Movement Where Health Doesn't Only Mean Fitness

Health is composed of many facets of day to day activity, and in a social media driven world we are all becoming accountable not only for ourselves, but those we are acquainted. Help us promote mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental health through blockchain activity.

Below are examples of qualifying activities recorded through the blockchain that may qualify for block rewards.

Help promote nutritional well-being by sharing recipes and calorie counts. Compete with others for the healthiest meals.
Engage in community service, educate others, and promote civic and social wellness.
Spiritual and emotional wellness are often intertwined. Promoting positivity throughout our community elevates everyone to achieve greater feats!

What Do We Do With The Data?

By rewarding users for activities we intend to build a movement acting towards positivity and health maintenance. A healthier world is one step towards reining  in runaway medical costs, and building a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

In addition to healthcare activities the foundation intends to integrate health maintenance activities into the blockchain for community building and research purposes. Many healthcare researchers have difficulty obtaining large volumes of social science, nutritional, and behavioral health outcomes, and by providing access to such de-identified data with subscription fees helps maintain our momentum in achieving sustainable, long-term foundation goals.

Be sure to read our whitepaper for more use cases that may be pertinent to your project needs. And be sure to join our social media or Slack channel to help contribute.