Features to Make Learning Simple

The way we learn is quickly evolving, any medical trainee will tell you that there is more information out there than the human mind has time to process. The foundation is dedicated to educational research and ensuring trainees of all levels develop the skills necessary for success in practice.

Boost Research Using the Power of the Ledger

It is human nature to desire to solve problems, and to better our future, for the good of our species. Scientific research has propelled us from from the plains, to the skies, and soon to the stars.

The public ledger makes research accountable to the masses. To ensure funding and progress is accountable to stakeholders, and it will embolden collaboration. Another useful feature of the ledger is to ensure access to knowledge is decentralized, and promoted. Thereby boosting awareness and recruitment to clinical trials or public health research.

As we seek to become the world’s Proof-of-Health chain we know our platform will offer invaluable research opportunities.

How does the Blockchain/Ledger work?

The cryptocurrency/asset market is a rich area of research, development, and opportunity for innovation. We believe scientists are poised to make significant contributions to the scale of research, the same way computers revolutionized data analysis. Learn more about what the ‘chain can do for you.

Blockchain University

Bringing together the world’s brightest clinicians, researchers, and educators is just the beginning. The relationships and collaboration between multiple users will create an invaluable ledger, one with the power to fundamentally improve health outcomes worldwide.
Be sure to read our whitepaper for more use cases that may be pertinent to your project needs. And be sure to join our social media or Slack channel to help contribute.